The Top 10 Alternative Names for Angular 2

So Igor Minar made a big announcement at NG-BE that Angular 2 isn’t supposed to be called Angular 2 anymore. He wants it just called Angular, or a version specific reference for things like documentation. But we all know that that’s just too darn confusing. There’s still two very different frameworks out there. Angular 1, and….well….here’s the problem. How do we collectively refer to that other framework?

Here I present to you my top 10 alternative names now that we can’t call it Angular 2 anymore.

  1. Angular Next
  2. Angular > 1
  3. The New Angular
  4. Angular 3
  5. The Framework Formerly Known as Angular
  6. Angular 2016
  7. Angular 95
  8. Angular 2 Duo
  9. Boaty McBoatface
  10. The Cool Angular

Now, sure, there may be some other ideas out there, maybe you have a few of your own. But it’s time for us all to come together and standardize. So please vote for one of these in a comment, or make your own suggestion, and Happy Developing.

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